Calvin Harris ft. Florence – Sweet Nothing

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16 Oct 12

Calvin Harris’ chompy dance track ‘Sweet Nothing’ is the latest in the Florence-why? scandal which began life with Shining.

The evocative, everlasting trendy-come-diva chucks gasp-inducing vocals at Harris’ basic production, as she stylises with subtlety tenfold that of Calvin’s wildest dreams. That said, I don’t know that he’s ever been particularly bothered about dropping individually-distinguishable tracks upon the crowded doorstep that is the industry entrance gates.

Instead, he lives for the moment in and amongst his sound, much like in this track; but Welch-ites will perhaps see it as anything but staying. Still, Harris is never, at least, grating: the chorus is remotely interesting, plungy beats sew their thread and create at least an aesthetic joy.

Whatever, to be honest, collaborations aren’t ever likely to eclipse Florence & The Machines’ solo hype.

In my current Anglo/Franco cultural landscape, Calvin Harris and his Gallic equivalent, David Guetta, have become undistinguishable – both, as far as I can tell, have built their puzzling popularity on an ability to ingratiate themselves with much stronger artists, using their talents to inject some soul into their otherwise lifeless tracks.

The most recent collaboration between Harris and Florence Welch is a perfect case in point. The enjoyment that I derive from this song, and it is not entirely devoid of charm, is due solely to Welch’s ever-impassioned and flawless vocals. It is the bittersweet conviction with which she delivers her “sweet nothings” that drives the track, rather than the irritating beat or overdone production.

That is not to say that Welch, or any of Harris’s other collaborators have gained nothing from the partnership. “Sweet Nothing” is the pair’s second number one this summer. Yet, while I struggle to recall a single Calvin Harris song of note, for Welch this is but a footnote in an otherwise respectable repertoire. An enjoyable, but forgettable track…a “Sweet Nothing”, if you will.

Calvin Harris’ chart success continues with Florence Welch’s booming vocals dominating proceedings.

Like an all-inclusive holiday in Mallorca, you know what you are going to get with Calvin Harris; his own blend of pop electro has seen him rise to cosmic heights within the music scene. For this musical outing he is joined by Florence Welch who provides an impressive vocal performance, over the pulsing beats and dotty synth lines that we have come to expect from Harris.

The track whizzes along in a hazy enjoyable blur, but within the span of the great musical lifecycle, I think it is has more in common with the mayfly than the turtle.

The public are gobbling up whatever old Calvin dishes out, and with Florence Welch as his sous-chef, it was always going to be a recipe for success.


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