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Adam Bloodworth

C/T Editor. 1989.23.6ft2.Ba/Ma. I WAS a conscientious objector to post-postgraduate-university-life, but I AM NOW turning to face the merits of ‘something new’.I’m fair & easy when complimenting (or lambasting) art, and feel good Editorial is tantamount to a WINNING site. I guess that’s the best way I can describe my relationship with CultureorTrash.This means that vibrant chat (shit-chat) is my middle-name. I’m a sucker for a Rum, Ginger & Lime & love a well-used ampersand. Adam X
Oliver Holmes

I am sharpening my pen on the grindstone that is cultureortrash with my three friends who you will find lurking around this site. I spend most of my time hiding from the day to day in various cupboards around the country and the rest of the time sleeping. I hope you enjoy the words.
James FitzGerald

Where does a confessed antiquarian who mis-spent his youth abstractedly noodling along to the legends of funk and blues fit into a project about cutting edges, zeitgeists and all things forward-thinking? Well, musical proclivities transcend the ages, says I, and as long as there’s bold, strongly-rhythmic music out there which fizzes, spits, twists, swings, bops and seethes, I’ll be there groovin’ inconspicuously in the corner with my proverbial quill and scroll.So, where possible, that’s the sort of stuff I’ll be gabbling about on here. Meanwhile, I daylight as a TV researcher and football hooligan.
Neil Simpson

A former English teacher in rural Thailand, I can currently be seen on the West End in Thriller Live. My theatrical credentials include showing people to their seats, selling ice creams and telling off French school groups in the dark. A pop culture junkie since I can remember, I still have a strong quality filter when it comes to the charts but if I can’t make up my mind about a song, I find that the best thing to do is to find a bar, a dancefloor and then thrash it out. Apologies to all witnesses. Thanks for having me Culture or Trash!
James FitzGerald

Growing up in a town where the local music scene was composed predominantly of Welsh screamo-bands, you’d be forgiven for thinking I spend most of my evenings pawing over Bullet For My Valentine records – not so. Schooled on Laurel Canyon country, Delta blues and American college rock, I tend to like smart lyrics, big hooks and Fender Telecasters. When not seeking this out I can be found writing on film, football and general nonsense around the web, as well as singing and strumming guitars around London. Mine’s milk, one sugar. Was once described as “not a total bellend.”
James FitzGerald
Still slacking…er…I mean studying, at Bristol Uni, think of me as the New Girl at CultureOrTrash. An interest in Bristol’s buzzing music scene and a minor addiction to music review websites led me to pick up the pen, initially scribbling for sites like Abacus Post and dabbling in the world of student radio, before a chance encounter at Latitude Festival introduced me to the CoT team; we bonded over a few ciders and, as they say, the rest is history. Most likely to be found in a quirky café, drinking copious amounts of coffee and listening to something you might not have heard of.
James FitzGerald

Blur worshipper and Guinness enthusiast. Die Hard buff. Essex rooted, yet constantly looking to branch out. Wish to find me? I’m usually (okay, always) on a train, forever heading somewhere, often with my nose buried in a book and a pair of headphones soothing my soul. New to this place? Welcome to the party, pal. Yippee-ki-yay, CultureOrTrash readers!