The Irrepressibles – Nude

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23 Oct 12

I have never seen The Irrepressibles play. I have heard talk of their theatrical performances and heard a smatter of songs off their first album ‘Mirror Mirror’, but I am essentially listening without the bias of having seen their live endeavours. This means that I can judge them purely for their musical output, and for the most part I think it’s a triumph.

Sometimes the music is epically pompous and at other times fragile and beautiful. Jamie McDermott’s voice is a key factor here. With the obvious comparisons being made with Antony Hearty it shows just how good his voice is. It remains powerful over the multitude of instruments; violins, violas, double bass, piano and percussion. It is the string section which adds the drive to most of the tracks, with the piano at the heart. Though the percussion comes across sounding tinny and cheap at times; probably the backbone of the live set, I don’t feel it translated to the studio.

‘Two men in love’ is a standout statement for the album, epitomising everything that The Irrepressibles do well. McDermott croons as the music builds from spindly piano to celebratory violins, with lyrics equally so. Other favourites of mine are the choral harmonies of ‘Tears’ and the pop musings of lead single ‘Arrow’.

I couldn’t think of anything worse than being ‘Nude’ right now. As workmen trounce happily through my open front door, I sit huddled up in my front room laughing madly as the cold takes over. I can hear the crumple of a distant digestive packet. It’s so cold. I think I am going to venture outside now, and I may be some time.