TEED – Your Love (Fake Blood Remix)

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27 Oct 12

The jungle rhythm and synthetic female screeches powered TEED’s ‘Your Love’ to my attention in live shows before the debut album dropped earlier this year; which is, incidentally, a tantalizing foray of jugular, eccentric beats which sounds like a ‘best of’ work already.

Fake Blood, the Bass world’s landlord; re-works the track layering his usual melty bass over the intricacy of the producer’s original synth.

Unusually for FB, he plays homage to lighter, more sentimental notes with a winning musical interlude empowering the less hectic moments rhythm and bass can bring. There’s more of this brighter stuff on Keating’s solo work, ‘All In The Blink’, for instance, gives away more than the acclaimed producer has allowed us to snatch at before.

TEED is an artist you watch your step around; and FB brings out this best, cashing in on the hefty chorus and bass-driven melodies of the original.

Having been to a couple of T.E.E.D. gigs and devoured both his original tracks and remixes while waiting impatiently for the album release, I was ecstatic to finally hear Trouble and the new single, “Your Love”, has been one of the standout tracks since my first listen – so good, in fact, that there’s almost no need for a remix.

BUT, a Fake Blood remix is no ordinary remix and the reigning King of Electro doesn’t disappoint here. The best bits of the original remain at the heart of the track, but FB encases Higginbottom’s melodic vocals, meticulous synths and the instantly catchy, screeched chorus in a heavier, head-bobbing bass.

So, the inevitable question – is the remix better or worse than the original? Neither. Rather, FB has bestowed his Midas touch on the original, to make a remix that stands on its own.

Fake Blood is back to his best picking and cutting and operating on a track which most desktop doctors would probably avoid.

The bass is the heartbeat of the track, but it’s the housey synth lines which are the soul. As the track pulses and bounces along, it’s those synth breaks which will cause nose bleed casualties in darkened clubs around the country.

TEED’s stature and notoriety in the mainstream is rising fast like an rocket powered razor fish, and while many think the original is an almost flawless track, Fake Blood is the Colombo of DJ’s, and he can always see something others can’t.

He creates a raw energy within the track which is palpable and it will have you hot toed and dreaming of better nights.

Unfortunately Fake Blood can’t remix your life, but if he could you know it would probably like it better.

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