Fake Blood – Cells

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13 Nov 12

Fake Blood’s debut album has been a long time coming. Keating has been lining you up in his musical sightlines and has his finger poised on the trigger. Always innovative and showing off the skills he has amassed over a 20 plus year career in the BIZ.

‘Yes/No’ is a strong opener and maybe my favourite track of the record. Reminiscent of his Touché work; a track that sends you into orbit and leaves you awkwardly floating there until it drops you and sends you hurtling back to earth, burying you in disgusting grimey, bassy earth, to bobble about in the vibrations. Does that make sense? Yes. No. Yes? No. Ok. Just have a listen.

‘Cells’ is pretty dark at times. Not as dark as Tony Blair dressing as a crow and haunting a Somerset village, but pretty dark. ‘All in the blink’ therefore provides a brief respite to these dark dwellings. It’s light, it’s bright, and it may eat you up from the inside of your ears.

‘London’ and ‘Contact’ also are interesting tracks. ‘Contact’ with its Gameboy melodies and little subtleties. ‘London’ for its haunting qualities; violins and plunking keys.

Theo Keating is a man of many faces. He has provided soundtracks to different generations, with his multiple guises. Wise Guys et al. But it is with Fake Blood which I associate him so closely with. Mostly due to my fellow writer and calamitous colleague that is Adam Bloodworth.

You may know/imagine him (or as he would like you to) with a quill and old vinyl player sitting in a room full of poets and artists and intellectuals, with a glass of fine port in his hands, musing over the record playing in the background; then writing onto steamed parchment as the hangers on laugh and cackle at his every word.

I, however, remember him in various stinking, sweaty establishments screaming ‘FAKEEEE BLOODDDD’ any time the aforementioned was played and proceeding to dance like one of those giant inflatable Sockmen that fly around in the wind in front of shops.

For this I will always be thankful to Keating. He provided the soundtrack to the human Sockman and the music to many ridiculous and fun-filled nights.

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