Fenech Soler – All I Know

Singles / Words

23 Nov 12

Radical and scattering synth nails that ?progressive, responsive’ sound for Fenech Soler’s
new work, which at its roots strays only mere millimetres from the bands lush pop sounds
that had me in stitches (good, dancey ones) way back when.

Musically, ?All I know’ carves its own path through the current, busy electronic scene, as
jabby, ecstatic beats sit like drop-kicks alongside lesser, somewhat sickeningly ornate
lyricisms; often pleasant rhymes which involve the words strong and wrong a lot.

I have a feeling this four piece are far more interested in trendy sounds than expressive
wordplay, but that’s absolutely ?ne.

Fenech–Soler’s sound – a blend of layered synths, sharp beats and smooth, melodic vocals – is, for me, representative of a certain moment in music around 2010/2011.

But to be so inextricably linked with a certain trend is no easy thing – time marches on and music trends are as fickle as fair-weather friends. So, after a short break and an unpleasantly eventful year for the group, how have they progressed?

The first single from their new album, “All I Know”, finds the hallmarks of their previous hits intact and they have translated their sound well into the milieu of the 2012 music scene. With this single, the quartet seems to have taken a step closer to the poppy middle-ground, most notably lyrically, with the over-use of dull rhyming-couplets, yet, the beat is exhilaratingly punchy and their sound is still pleasingly expansive – the song is undeniably dance-able.

‘All I know’ is the returning single of electronic outfit Fenech-Soler. A group picked out by various publications for sky-high stardom until lead singer Ben Duffy’s diagnosis of testicular cancer.

Now after a break they are back and fighting fit with a track in which will have you licking your dancing shoes clean ready for those squeaky shuffling’s that are sure to occur when you hear this track.

While the music isn’t anything out of the ordinary for Fenech-Soler (thudding electro beats, showered with heavy synth and with a hint of guitar) it’s Duffy that will keep you engaged. His vocals are the vital cog in their shiny electro pop engine. They have a hypnotic quality which the demon headmaster could only dream of; that sneaky eyed jerk.

This track has done nothing to quiet the whispers of excitement coming from the music press about the upcoming release of their album and while it might not be to everyone’s taste there is no denying that Fenech-Soler have a tight sound and utilise their talents to the full. Only time will tell if those whispers will ever become rumbles.

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