Memory Tapes – Confusion


05 Dec 12

Grace/Confusion, Memory Tapes’ aka Dayve Hawk’s third LP is somewhat stumped, 40 minutes long and six tracks in length; irregularities are duly mirrored ‘like a mess’ throughout this responsive record.

Introversion takes an energetic course, as with first single Sheila, where disconcordant chainsaw synths meet beatier pop, meshing with vocals. Confusion reigns as jagged, obtuse production clashes spectacularly. Neighbourhood Watch, too, jolts from Stadium Electronica to wiry moans in no time at all.

Odd moments of structure are enjoyably tenacious, but intrigue actually prevails through the oddities, ruptures and screeches; somehow warming in its’ vast depth.

It’s difficult to measure the merit of Hawk‘s statements surrounding this LP, as he bows between a disinterestedness in structured music ‘I started to reach a point where I was tired of songs’, to shying away from future obscurity ‘It’s (G/C) more experimental. The next record won’t be anything like this one.’

Perhaps this is all rather paced obscurity, mere exoteric sneer. I like to think it’s more a madness to invest in.

Disregarding theory, this is a stand-alone record of monstrous scope; intent on not only tackling weighty industry doubt but provoking it. Grace/Confusion is the striker in a beguiling game of art versus introspection.