Elliphant – Tekkno Scene

Albums / Words

22 Jan 13

The limp purpose of commercial beats lay in tatters, face to face with eery electronica, unexpected and unkempt in its form but this is all ear-ravishing. Elliphant, the work of producer Ellinor Olovsdotter, is in its’ fullest form with EP Down On Life, a fact almost ironic considering the bold waywardness of her beats, which often enclose colourful melodies and quirky samples with leash-like accuracy. This is quip-ridden music which reaches to the stars with its abstraction.

Tekkno Scene , the jewel, stomps about, a product of its themes, with similar swoopy bass evident throughout title track Down On Life.

Olovsdotter‘s verses are clear, fetishistic displays of passion which, like the bass, calms the wild jabs and off-kilter rhythm and speaks with angst and passion; the words a lateral envisioning of her gripes for a revolution, a divergent ‘Tekkno’ Scene.