Valentina – Wolves


22 May 13

This is like Rihanna, but, like, interesting. Nearly went with that – to be honest I don’t know why I didn’t. It’s an apt enough description.

This is travelling music. It’s svelte, touching, heavy beats and deep electronica. It makes you feel good. But more than that, Valentina’s long awaited follow-up to Weights is steeped in artistry: her notoriety stems from ‘Gabriel’, the track she wrote in collaboration with Joe Goddard in 2011 which stormed club scenes thanks to the Italian’s swooning lyrics – vocals which still punctuate 2 Bears (Goddard’s producer alter-ego with Raf Daddy) sets in 2013.

Wolves is full of large choruses which tie you into brand Valentina – everything with Gabriel-esque infectious detailing – including a plush production of said track itself. It’s sample-heavy but non-fussy; a pleasant and telling combination which manages to provoke real thought and introduce the theme of animalistic human nature – ”we walk like humans/ feel like animals” – and hit a Kate Bush style aesthetic with a wiped clean finish. This is often thanks to the plink-plonk of the piano, which aside vocals is the EPs other default.

It’s all the more convincing in person. Earlier this year at Birthdays Valentina Pappalardo’s vocals demanded constant attention – the powerhouse production aiding all it can, but barely sneaking a look in.

Check ‘Ladders and’ ‘Wolves’ for particularly naturalistic, modernistic lushness.

Valentina’s video for Ladders, below, premiered at Vice Noisey

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