C/TRASH – Childhood, trashed in Hendon


14 Jun 13

I get it. Shit gets thrown out. We use stuff, abuse stuff, and then voluntarily lose stuff – no doubt this Gorilla isn’t the first, nor last case of stuffed-toy-purposeful-trashage. We’ve all wept our way through Toy Story, sweet jesus. Yet, THIS? I’m not sold. Upside down, a mouth like a slo-mo slap and legs sluttily akimbo, Gorilla exhibit 1 (Hendon, June 13) deserved at least a black sack. Don’t get me started on the outstretched arm.

I propose we develop some kind of solution. A saving-bear-grace for the lesser-loved plaything. It’s not like GE1 was coping particularly well in his last days – apparently it all went downhill after his National Museum of Childhood display-piece rejection.

Let’s find a way. We must find a way.

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