Gold Panda – Half of Where You Live

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14 Jun 13

This second LP still carries big notes – ‘Community’ and ‘Brazil’ have bookmark-potential – but tracks are as non-essential as on a 90s Radiohead album or senseless shop floor – as Half of Where You Live blasts ripples of eclecticism which make a mockery of ‘singles albums’.

‘We Work Nights’ is a just example of the blatent disregard for conventional beat patternation that is common throughout Panda’s ouevre: it jump starts with the selfsame confusion a toddler experiences at their first egg and spoon race – and more generally, HOWUL only ups the giddy-new-sound quota we first adored across Lucky Shiner – these percussive, spongey samples leave you wide-eyed and sentiment-fuelled.

As in WWN, where weighty basslines and marbelled sounds of the Orient (and ‘Brazil’, of course) pay their dues in miraculously levelling the experimental soundbed; turning it into plush, easy tuneage. What remains – in key with Gold Panda’s wider musical schtick – are well-collected beat-trips; club tracks for the paced; after work music for the party-prepper – but it’s all so very listenable.

Panda’s music could be well dubbed over a formative scene in a Sofia Coppola movie – or even used as advertising fodder for a 2013 version of the millenium dome – its art-on-mass for the masses. The producer’s genius method of communicating the innocence of the human condition – our desire to explore; to reach adulthood through adolescence; marriage through relationships; to become both ‘lost’ and ‘found’ in music – answers for the wide market reach and comparative hype sorrounding these sounds.

Music of this sort can rarely lay claim to a listenership as varied as Gold Panda’s.

Share with Derwin Panda his adoration of discovery – both musical and sensical – via music so immediate and newly turfed it may as well write the rules for every glitch-electro thumb-twiddler.

Check out We Work Nights from Gold Panda’s second LP below and follow his movements on twitter