C/T FEATURE – Basement Jaxx vs. Daft Punk: aesthetics

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14 Aug 13

With the biggest album of the year playing host to it, why are Basement Jaxx evidently ripping Random Access Memories’ font and album cover theme?

It’s the most puzzling thing I’ve seen so far this year – but the Jaxx’s new EP, which will probably be played out in parts at V Festival this weekend, seems to channel Daft Punk’s 2013 album hook, line and sinker.

Top of the list is the 1980s inspired font, white as well, and it’s matching colloquial wordplay ‘What a difference your love makes’, which emulates Punk’s interest in offering ‘Random’-ness of thought – only perhaps their effort carries with it a few more words and a slightly fatter type.

Nice try, hopefully that’ll wash – ham it up all 2013, fatten up the font and hope it’s a go-er.

No no! Look! There’s even a half-human-half-future-thing in the centre of the album! She’s got horns instead of a helmet, granted, but c’mon, she’s not all there is she.

Perhaps if this was a posthumous Pavarotti album being matched with an Atomic Kitten re-work I wouldn’t have piped up; but instead, it’s two of the world’s finest sets of electronic producers, releasing work months’ apart and with exactly the same swirly white typography.

A message to the Jaxx: next time this’ll need a touch more work – re-producing a similar font/colour/style/aesthetic imprint but putting it in a different corner of the EP isn’t enough to fool anyone.