Get Behind This: George Ezra, Cassy O’

EP / Words

25 Feb 14

‘It’s after midnight, so that must mean it’s time for my video Cassy O’, right?’ Ezra said earlier. Maybe midnight matters because of the visual swear in the video, or maybe he’s reinventing the watershed…Or maybe it’s a sign that George Ezra can kinda do what he wants now. Since the BBC Sound Ofs he’s made scruff-chic his own. Naff? Nah. He’s interesting and likable and really – well – real, man. I want to hear what this guy has to say.

Since his rise he has showcased his impressive collection of knitted jumpers to a super wide spectrum of listeners, each one stunned by his vocal tones and depth. Heck, even when we saw him supporting Jesca Hoop in 2012 he silenced The Borderline’s chatty pre-gig crowd as a relative unknown. He is that guy in the room.

This new video for EP track ‘Cassy O” is folk-pop at industrial scale. Typically there’s very little to it, but as ever it’s charmingly full of character. It’s notably Ezra: absurd, bouncy and engrossing. You’re also never quite sure if he’s serious, which is why he’s more interesting than all of the other singer-songwriter competition: Ezra’s is a story you can get behind without being swamped by the complexities of someone else’s problems.

Check the video for Cassy O’ here, released today:


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