Boomtown festival launches immersive theatre camping experience

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15 Jun 18


Boomtown is uniquely theatrical like no other festival. It goes beyond what Secret Garden Party started, by making music festivals more about the experience – who you meet along the way – rather than bland headliner-chasing.

The festival¬†organisers spend their money instead on paying lots of live theatrical performers, who pop up all over ‘Boomtown’, an immersive theatre spectacle in a field somewhere near Winchester. There are major musicians playing – this year Gorillaz, Billy Bragg and Morcheeba play – but for those in-the-know, Boomtown is about interacting with actors in weird locations and is a true one-of-a-kind.

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More like an adult’s Disneyland than a music festival.

A new initiative this year called Boomtown Springs brings the theatre from the festival arena into the campsite. Boomtown is now sold out, so your last shot at getting into the prized fest is buying a ticket to the immersive camping fields.

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How does it work? Bearded Kitten, the theatre troupe who stage experiences in famous parts of the festival like The Bank and The Gentlemen’s Club, will put on top secret immersive theatre shows in a private, luxurious campsite.

The festival say: “With an endless reel of ridiculous ideas, this incredible collective will guide you into a whole new realm of interactive experience!”

Rotating shows will be catching you off guard in your own secret camping district daily, alongside the immersive spectacles going on outside in the ‘real’ world.

Plus, secret bars around Boomtown will invite Boomtown Springs customers in exclusively for sups that are prohibited from the bars across the rest of the site.

What about the rest? Rather than bland field names like Blue and Green, Boomtown is divided into city districts, each inspired by their real-life counterparts (to some extent, before the madness begins). Peruse Mayfair, Old Town, Copper Country and – new for 2018 – Metropolis for creative takes on the every day.

Last year when we reviewed the festival, Culture Or Trash were caught up in armed raids in banks, dragged into abandoned freak shows in Old Town and slipped libations back-handedly by corrupt Police while watching The Wurzels.

Try spotting the Police out from the *actual* Police. Are there *actual* Police here anyway? Where are?

Welcome to Boomtown…

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