Noisily festival: music, equality and sustainability in Leicestershire

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07 Jun 18

Cultural things to do at Noisily

  • Pioneering ‘beyond our plastics’ policy with plastic-free site by 2019 epitomises festival’s sustainable, community-led outlook
  • Truly independent, with a no-frills line-up where the emphasis is placed on the experience, rather than headline-chasing bands
  • Live performance plays a big role in scheduling across the forest floor woodland setting

It’s classic festival schtick to claim it all began with some mates round a fire, but at Noisily there’s the sense that it really did, and that nothing much has changed. This fiercely independent fest, now in its seventh year, is intimate (4,000 people) and boasts a multi-disciplinary line-up.

There’s a giant emphasis on partying sustainably as one community, and relaxed live performances and mindfulness scheduling channels the fest’s inclusive, more-than-the-music vibe. There are many activities to discover away from the beats.

Art installations and roaming theatre encourage punters away from the music stages. Artists are encouraged to apply to present art at the festival, this year’s theme is ‘Use Your Illusion’.

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Partying at Noisily

  • ‘No VIP’ policy means partying without ego or fuss
  • In-house production team means incredible lighting and sound quality for a festival of 4,000
  • An underground line-up of electronic talent

Partying hard without the fuss of headliner chasing or crowding into over-stuffed tents is the goal at Noisily, where budget is spent on the atmosphere rather than big DJ talent.

And the relaxed vibe and friendly ethos means the party goes on longer and louder without the need for aggressive security systems.

Heading the line-up this year is German dance DJ Patrice Baumel, and British producer Roni Size.

The electronic line-up veers from house to techno and “hypnotic progressive grooves”.

There’s three main stages, Noisily Stage, Liquid Stage and Treehouse Stage and a host of hidden spaces in the forest depending on your vibe.


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