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24 Sep 13

Whatever you think of Young Rebel Set, lead singer Matty Chipchase must be commended for his drive. It’s half an hour into what has been a well received show at the Sebright Arms when Chipchase declares that the experience has thus far been ‘all a bit stressful’. He’s relating to some minor instrumental glitches, but is essentially making a song and dance out of very little. In fact, the set held together immensely well all night; leaving Chipchase’s pangs for perfection serving only to emphasise the care YRS put into live shows.

The bands concerns left to the side where they should be, toasty folk-pop flows, providing many opportune moments to sing to smooth, easily digestible songs with storytale lyrics and whopping choruses.

The Sebright’s stage looked packed, this ‘Set’ is almost a collective in size; their full-bodied image reflected in a jammed setlist as tracks flowed quickly and tightly, some of them with tough, mean edges, some with an emphasis on decorative vocal play. YRS are readying for the drop of second LP Crocodile this month, of which new track ‘The Lash of the Whip’ isn’t far removed from prior hits like ‘If I was’ – still, their set is varied enough to sustain interest for a full hour.

Well gelled harmonies and big endings encourage whoops from fangirls and boys. These whoops are part of a wider feel-good spirit, conjured up by the bands sense of brotherly love and expressed in simple, sometimes plain but honest song formations which carry with the sincerity of a childhood crush.

Check out the video for Young Rebel Set’s new single ‘The Lash Of The Whip’ and let us know what you think

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